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the LOG

Added Tilitoli app also the source @github
TiliToli is a small puzzle game. Basically a small 5×5 flattened Rubik's cube.
New content also @codepen
Changed content of MTMI site, also shared source of 404 page effect on Codepen.
New site
Gamer Kids website is now live. You can check it at my portfolio items
New app
I just wanted to make a starfield effect but it ended up as a particle generator with lots of parameters to adjust and have fun with.
New pen @codepen
I saw a nice metallic border in a game. I recreated the effect with CSS.
New pen @codepen
I've had an idea to make a plasma like effect without using javascript, but with the use of functions in pug and scss.
New C64 release, a christmas music collection @csdb and @youtube
I've drawn a wide, seamless logo/scroller for this small music collection demo with snow people playing music and enjoying the winter sun.
Merry Christmas @instagram @youtube & @facebook
Classical greek sculpture entangled in christmas lights animated in AE spiced up with some mildly dissonant guitar.
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